Susan de la Vergne

When I was in the third grade, I wrote my first short story. It was a tale of cowboys and rustlers in the old west, of horse stealing and shoot-outs by the corral. I made carbon copies and gave them to our neighbors. My career as a self-publishing writer had begun.

I went on to do what writers do: I developed a love of reading, which led me to major in English in college, which led me to a career in … information technology. It was not a typical career path, but one which gave me an up-close appreciation of the challenge of communicating to groups. After a couple of decades in IT, I turned my attention to helping leaders become effective speakers and writers as a consultant and instructor.

Today, I write and edit. I also teach ESL, which is a fabulous way to stay razor sharp on grammar. For someone like me–a language junkie–it’s a great combination, a life steeped in words, expression, and ideas, helping people navigate the complexity and ambiguity of communicating.



  • Author of four books:

Engineers on Stage

You Can’t Manage Time

Norwegian Aloha

Speaking English with My Father

  • B.A., English; post-graduate studies in Professional Writing at USC.

Experience and Publications

  • Writer, Rosetta Stone – ESL lessons
  • Copy Editor – Beverly Press (Los Angeles newspaper)
  • Managing Editor – Engineering Momentum 
  • Columnist, IEEE Insight – since 2011
  • Also published in: Chronicle of Higher Education, The Oregonian, Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute, Perdido: Leadership with a Conscience.
  • “What’s 50 Years?” selected for David Brooks’ “The Road to Character” blog.
  • Smashwords author profile page: 


  • 7 years ESL teaching experience.
  • 10+ years teaching experience (presentation skills, corporate communication and leadership)
  • Bi-lingual (English/Spanish); some French, and a tiny bit of Japanese.


Call or text +1-323-246-9040   



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