Helping you create professional, well-written books, articles, and web copy.

I work with authors who are self-publishing. I also specialize in working with non-native speakers of English.

As an editor, I can assist you in these ways:

  • Organizing and shaping your piece
  • Optimizing the flow of your ideas
  • Improving your expression (word choice, sentence structure)
  • Catching and correcting errors, including grammar and punctuation
  • Eliminating typos.

Professional writers never skip the editing step.  They know writers often miss seeing errors in their own work. They can be so close to their material that they lose sight of its shape and direction.

I’ll help you stand back and see where the language may be choppy, a logical argument omits a point, or something seems off-balance, such as a point that could be developed more or one that’s over-argued. I’ll catch and repair grammar mistakes and spelling errors, too, so that your writing is professional and polished.


Proofread: $2.50/standard manuscript page (250 words)

Copyedit: $3.50/manuscript page

Email me the specifics (below), and I’ll send you a quote.

Call or text +1-323-246-9040   

Email  susan@SusandelaVergne.com