Tips and Terms

“Up a Wall!”

“You drive me up a wall!” is slang for “You bother me.” Or “You annoy me.”

(The present progressive form, of course, is “You are driving me up a wall” — which means “You are annoying me right now!)

Slang with “Up”

Screw up means to make a mistake.

This is important, so don’t screw up! 

You’re not going to screw up again, are you? We can’t afford more mistakes!

You can also call someone a screw-up if they make a lot of mistakes all the time.

I’m such a screw-up! I’m sorry I messed up!

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To drive up a wall means to annoy someone.

That guy drives me up a wall! I wish he weren’t so weird.

You shouldn’t let traffic drive you up a wall since you have to deal with it every day. 

Jack up means to increase the price abruptly.

For years, coffee cost $2.00. Then they jacked up the price, and now it’s $4.50!

Developers really jack up the rent prices in Los Angeles. Someone should stop them.