What Clients Say

“Wonderful Teacher!”

Susan is a wonderful teacher! Her teaching style is totally different from others. She knows well how to train me to communicate clearly and effectively. I’ve learned so much from Susan.

I had a lot of problems with my pronunciation. She patiently takes care of that in every class. She always prepares individual study materials for me. I really enjoy her class and I look forward to my next class.

— Anusha KS, Los Angeles


“Inspiring and Motivating”

Though I had studied English for several years, I wasn’t confident enough about speaking English. If anyone has same problem as me, I recommend you study with Susan.

Susan has taught foreign students from a variety of backgrounds for years. Therefore, she knows common mistakes foreigners make when using English. In other words, she is aware of the way to improve accuracy in English. What I like the most during the classes with her is that she knows what I mean whenever I speak broken English and corrects the errors immediately.

Besides, I’ve been inspired and motivated by her having always finding an efficient way to teach. She has taught me using materials she has created which were chosen based on my level, and that is very helpful.

Minsum Kim, Seoul, South Korea

“Encouraging and Practical!”

Susan’s presentation coaching services helped me improve my presentation skills well beyond my expectations. Working with her not only helped me build confidence, it turned me into a better communicator. Her constant encouragement and valuable pointers gave me specific ideas on how to improve my presentations.  This has made all the different in my presentations, and I am very glad to have Susan and my presentation coach.

— Henry Gjestrum, Los Angeles

Yugyoung and me2

“A Warm Heart”

There are many reasons that I think Susan is the best English teacher I’ve met. She knows how to communicate clearly and effectively with non-native English speakers, like me, based on the level of each student’s English skill. She always concentrates on each word I speak and teaches me better expressions.

She first and foremost has a warm heart. That’s why I respect her and enjoy her lessons every time.

— Yugyoung Kim, Seoul, South Korea

Susan at UCSB Dec 2011

“Unique Technique”

Susan is an excellent instructor. She has a wonderful professional background and a unique educational technique. Specifically in my case, I took my classes from Susan in order to improve my professional English and prepare myself for the next step in my professional career. I should say that, in a very short period of time by using Susan’s professional method of education, I have reached a new level. If you are foreign specialist and you are planning to improve your business communication skills and prepare yourself in the best professional manner for your next career step, you should try this interesting method of education. Especially important is that Susan understands the needs of her students and she prepares all educational materials independently for each client.

— George Samoylov, Los Angeles

“Significant Improvement”

My wife, whose native language is Korean, has been taking private English language classes with Susan for over a year. I have observed significant improvement in her communication skills and in her comprehension of concepts, and general conversations. Additionally, my wife truly enjoys Susan’s company and eagerly looks forward to her weekly lessons.

       — Nabil Hanna, Los Angeles

“Clear and Easy to Understand”

Susan is an excellent teacher. She explains the logic of the English language in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Her native language is English, but she also understands and speaks Susan and Sophia 1-1 betterSpanish making learning for me even easier. She is a professional teacher, and it is very important to her that her students learn well. She always works to help people learn because she has a big heart.

— Martha Gutierrez, Tampa, FL



“Invaluable Editor”

When Susan de la Verge edited the first draft of my novel, I got much more than her meticulous review of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Susan provided essential input on characterization and voice; mercilessly weeded out cliches and anachronisms; and offered insightful suggestions on structure and depth of description. She was both prompt and thorough with her review. Her contribution was invaluable.

Daphne Lee, author of forthcoming novel “Under the Water Tower”

“Quick and Efficient”

Susan’s copy editing added clarity to my book Walking Bass for Jazz and Blues by eliminating jargon and unneeded words.  She provided suggestions for addressing the theoretical and technical aspects of music in ways that would make the content more approachable to a wider audience.  Susan completed the review quickly and efficiently, which allowed me to make the edits and submit to my publisher on time.

Nick Clark, author, Walking Bass for Jazz and Blues

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